November '03: Passage from Gibraltar to Lanzarote

It was time to dip our toes back into Atlantic waters. For the 600 mile trip from Gibraltar to Lanzarote, we called in some reserves. Veteran sailor, George Jacobson (a.k.a Dad) and our french friend Philippe who's always up for an adventure. Turned out he was in luck because we ended up with quite an adventurous trip. One year almost to the day of our difficult Neport to Bermuda passage we found ourselves again out there battling heavy winds and large confused seas. Thanks to a great crew all went well. After the front passed, the fishing rod went out landing us two beautiful dorado. Upon reaching Lanzorate we did a quick tour of the strange lunar like landscape before George and Philippe headed back home.

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   - Curious baby monkey. (3.0 meg)

With the boat all set for the passage, we take a small tour of the Rock. First stop, "The Pillars of Hercules"

Next we head back to see some of our favorite monkeys.

They call him Michael, king of the rock.

Philippe sporting a little monkey on his back.

Heading through the straits of Gibraltar.

Painted Lady, a Miami based Catamaran who left Gibraltar when we did.

Through the straits, we start heading southwest to Lanzorate. We had been advised to head west for a while, but due to a depression up North we went as far south as we thought prudent to get out of the way of the heavy weather. As much as we tried, we still ended up with strong southwesterly winds and a very confused sea. Luckily the brunt of the weather happened during the day. Here's George steering us through it.

The front passes by causing a biting rain. All you can do is grin a bare it.

Philippe showing us some french techniques.

What a difference a day makes. We still had big swell, but we also had some big fish. Here Philippe catches our first dorado.

That is one good looking and good eating fish!

No we didn't go hungry!

ZZZZZZZZing! Fish! Get the buckets, get the camra, take the helm, here we go again!

This is the biggest fish I've ever caught!

Smile for the camera.

Lanzarote in sight, we head down to Puerto Calero.

Enjoying a little lunch before landfall.

Tied up at the dock. Even that turned out to be an adventure on this trip. The prop seized up giving us no reverse just as we're trying to pull into our spot. No harm though, thanks to the the Pueto Calero staff.

The Grand Canyon, Lanzarote style.

Philippe working the volcanic bbq.

Boys on the black lava island.

Lanzarote lava rock field.

A stop at the vineyard. Strange growing technique and surprisingly drinkable wine.

Packed up, Philippe and Dad head off. Thanks for all the help and good times!