June '03: Spain - Barcelona and Costa Brava

Leaving Mallorca in the early morning hours, we had a uneventful all-day motor (yawn) to Barcelona. Bill had always wanted to arrive in Barcelona by boat. Once there, we docked right in old town and spent several days riding our bikes around - sightseeing and stopping for tapas and sangria. From Barcelona, we sailed and motored up the Spanish coast towards France. Coast Brava was unexpectedly good cruising and the Spaniards were extremely friendly. We had to wait out a tramontana (strong NW) wind in Cadaques, near the French border, before crossing the Golf du Lion. Not a bad "wait". We met a couple of French sailors waiting out the weather and visited Salvadore Dali's summer home near Cadaques.

"Welcome to Barcelona" Sculpture as seen upon entering the Barcelona channel.

Docked in Port Vell, awning up and bikes out.

One of many examples of Gaudi's modern architecture in Barcelona.

Overlooking Barcelona from Parc Guell, another Gaudi work.

Parc Guell, in Gracia, about a 30 minute bike ride north of old town.

Reading up among the surreal landscape.

Entrance to Parc Guell, the famous dragon fountain.

Gaudi's "Temple of the Holy Family," Sangrada Familia statue (photo courtesy of Craig).

Sangrada Familia from the top.

Streets of Barcelona.

Renee at the open market in Barcelona - a lot of pointing and smiling.

Charlotte, a British artist who lives in Barcelona, showing her work in her home. Craig had her paint a picture with a sailboat for us as a wedding gift, and we were able to meet her while in Barcelona.

The world she is a round! Renee on Vanish in front of the Christopher Columbus statue in Barcelona.

Bill cruising out of Barcelona in front of another famous mariner.

Cala Es Codolar, along Costa Brava. A pre-Roman anchorage and harbor. We looked, but didn't stop.

Cala de Aiguablava where we anchored on Costa Brava.

House which looked like it was made directly from the surrounding stone in Aiguablava.

Playa in Aiguablava.

Cliffs along the coast near Aiguablava.

Cadaques, Spanish town near the French border. Bill is helping a Nick, pick up a mooring in the high winds. Nick just sailed from Miami in his racy single-hand sailboat. Nick was trying to get to Marseille, but did not want to cross the Gulf du Lion in the high winds. Needless to say, since he'd just crossed the Atlantic solo, we'd thought we'd wait until he left before we set out across the Golf du Lion.

Nick on his boat.

Vanish at anchor in Cadaques, waiting for the winds to calm down.


Salvador Dali's studio in his Port Lligat home. Port Lligat was about 15 minutes walk from Cadaques.

Dali's summer dining room.

Hot pink lip bench and Pirelli tires - the patio by the pool at Dali's.

Artist's oasis.

An ancient Roman with the Michelin tire man.

Dali's home as seen from above.

Port Lligat harbor.

Bill marveled at how the houses were seemingly built. Dig a hole in the rock, use the rock from in the hole to build the walls, and viola, a house complete with a basement!

View of houses in Cadaques.

Renee and Bill "stuck" in Cadaques.

Probably an ancient Roman staircase.