June '03: Mallorca, Spain

We spent a couple of weeks in Palma de Mallorca where we prepared for Mediterranean cruising. We put the boat back together and installed a 220 battery charger, had the sails patched up a bit, replaced the water heater that was leaking, serviced the engine, and bought a gangway for stern-to moorings. Palma is a large, (over)developed, international port on Mallorca, the largest of the Baleric Islands which are about 100 miles south of Spain.

After leaving Palma (later than expected), we cruised around Mallorca for a few days, stopping in Port of Andraitx, Calla Deia and Port of Soller on the northwest coast. We enjoyed the smaller ports and the Spanish Riojas. From there, we headed for Barcelona and the European mainland.

View of Club de Mar from the top of the mast (courtesy of Bill who spent a lot of time up there in Palma)

Yes, the docks are so big that you can drive a car up to the boat.

View towards Palma again from Vanish's mast.

New water heater, delivered to Mallorca, ready to install.

Club de Mar terrazzo.

We needed bikes to get around the docks.

The Mediterranean mega-yacht Lady Moura. We were docked in her spot while she was away.

Castle in Palma de Mallorca.

Sailing out of Palma!

First anchorage - port of Andraitx, Mallorca about 20 miles from Palma.

Streets of Andraitx. There were rows of tapas bars and restaurants with paella.

Calla de Valldemosa, northwest coast of Mallorca. Chopin and George Sands lived in the mountains of Valldemosa in 1838 and she wrote "A Winter in Mallorca" based on her experience (I haven't finished it yet).

Rocky cliffs on northwest coast of Mallorca (notice the un-Caribbean like still waters that have been the norm so far)

House near Peninsula de la Foradada, once owned by Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria, now rumored to be owned by Michael Douglas.

Rock formations along the coast.

Calla Deia where we anchored.

That's right, we sailed around the Caribbean for six months, and had our first deserted anchorage in the Mediterranean.

Walking up to the town of Deia, a quiet mountain town.

Mediterranean waters - clear, but not as pristine as the Caribbean for sure.

Motoring out of Deia.

Deia from the sea.

Port de Soller, where we anchored before setting off for Barcelona.

Renee with her new fishing pole on the way to Barcelona.