April '03: Cruising the BVI's

After the regatta, everyone helped put the boat back together. Michael Fay stayed an extra day to help, Pete and Jen stayed to check out cruising with us for a week, and Mike and Vicki cruised for a while on the boat they had chartered. From Nanny Cay, we went over to Jost Van Dyke and met up with Mike and Vicki and the Starlight crew at Foxy's. From there, we motored over to Trellis Bay where we dropped Mike at the airport. The next day we had a great sail up to the Bitter End on Virgin Gorda. After an abandoned attempt to go to Anegada, we picked up moorings in Cooper and Norman Islands and did some snorkeling. Ahhh, back to cruising!

Iwo Jima: a regatta re-enactment of Pete and Fay jumping the mast.

Loaded with Soggy Dollar Bar painkillers, Mike, Vicki, Jona and Alex greet us at Jost Van Dyke.

Mike Shuttleworth and crew, decked out for cruising.

Resting after the regatta.

Jen saying please don't take another picture of me.

Bill was the winner of the didgeridoo, apparently an Australian folk instrument, contest at the Last Resort in Trellis Bay. We won another bottle of wine - just what we needed.

The didgeridoo finalists.

Entertainment at the Last Resort.

Jen and Pete.

Bill sailing us to the Bitter End.

Nice sail!

We needed people on the rail!

Bitter End, North Sound Virgin Gorda - where Bill and I got engaged last year.

Feathered friend.

Hiking around Biras Creek and the Bitter End.

View looking away from North Sound.

Action shot hiking.

Turk's Head cactus.

Renee among the cacti.

North Sound, Virgin Gorda.

Saba Rock, a restaurant in the middle of the bay.

Pete at the helm for a great sail to Anegada.

Beautiful water of Anegada.

When the depth gauge read less than 7.5 feet (which is our draft), we anchored in the channel into Anegada and Bill and Pete went out in the dinghy to take depth soundings with the dinghy anchor rode. We tried to enter again, but gave up when the depth gauge read 7.1. Oh well, it was a nice sail.

Pete and Jen at the helm.

Swimming in the Baths, south side of Virgin Gorda.

Jen and Pete in the Bath.

Have you seen Bill?

Vanish through the rocks. The only way to have "Vanish" and "rocks" in the same sentence.

Hiking trail at the Baths.

A swim at the great beach on the other side of the Baths.

Fantastic beach.

Jen on the bow.

Relaxing at sunset, Cooper Island.

Willy T's, an old schooner that serves grub and grog, on Norman Island.

Bill hoopin' it up.

Willy T's, the House of Debauchery.

Bill and Renee snorkeling towards the Caves.

The Caves off Norman Island.

Money laundering: Bill scored some treasure while snorkeling! He found $52 on the bottom, just a little wet.

The Indians, rocks between Norman Island and Tortola.

Pete in his usual state.

Jen the snorkeler.

Jen and Pete drying off on the boat.