March '03: The Saints and sailing north

From Prince Rupert Bay in Dominica, we had a short beautiful sail up to Les Saintes, Guadeloupe. We sailed up neck-in-neck with the British J-46 Jessica Jay (not that we were racing). Enjoyed great snorkeling and a short hike to Fort Napolean in the Saints. From there, we went up to Deshaies, Guadeloupe with a stop on the way to snorkel around Pigeon Island. After Deshaies next stop was St. Martin, so we left at about 3:30 in the afternoon and sailed overnight. Our after dark entertainment was watching the active volcano on Monserrat erupting. We could see the orange lava running down the mountain for several hours as we motor-sailed by.

Vanish reaching through Prince Rupert Bay - flat seas and big breeze! We exchanged camaras with Jessica Jay and had a little photoshoot before leaving for The Saints.

Renee taking Vanish out for a spin.

On the street, Bourg de Saintes.

View from Fort Napolean.

Renee may have liked the goats, but Bill was obsessed with the iguanas at Fort Napolean.

This one was looking for a snack.

Up close and personal.

Les Saintes.

There's Vanish! We even have our awning up.

The boat that Bill has decided he wants to build someday.

Official name for future reference.

Yet another iguana on the way out of Fort Napolean.

Pigeon Island, lee shore of Guadeloupe. We snorkeled around the whole island and saw the biggest fish we've ever seen. Renee got nervous when the fish were larger than we were.

Haze under tow.

Motor-sailing up to the active volcano of Monserrat at sunset.

Sunset near Monserrat, all the ash in the air apparently makes for colorful sunsets.

The greeen (orange?) flash.

Sunset and the volcano.

Closer to Monserrat. As we passed at night we saw the lava spurt from the mountain top down to the sea. Too bad no pictures.