March '03: Dominca

Sailing from Martinique to Dominica, there were about 10 sailboats in view and it stayed breezy on the lee coast of Dominica. We kept our sails up across Prince Rupert Bay right to the anchorage. At the anchorage, we met up with the Brits (Bill and Jean West) on their J/46 Jessica Jay. We toured the Indian River and rainforests with Bill and Jean. Our Guide Martin showed us an appreciation for the wild beauty of Dominica, its abundant produce and living simply off the land.

Roots of trees along the Indian River, which went up in a rowboat with Martin our guide.

Canopy of vegetation in the Indian River.

Martin's boat "Providence" on the dock.

Martin, with his two daughters, motoring across the bay.

Delicious Dominican grapefruit.

Ken was our guide for the Syndicate Rainforest. He's pointing out the face carved in the tree.

Milton Falls.

Cool, refreshing swim in the falls.

Everyone had to try it.

The best shower we've had in months.

Ken is in a band and played us a tape that he had recorded in Guadeloupe. His father is also a mucisian and he plans on joining him in Paris sometime in the future.

Ken and the ladies.

The West's and Ken pose with us at the falls, while we are all wondering if the automatic timer on the camera went off.

Banana tree and flower, Bananas, pineapple, grapefruit, limes and herbs florish across the island.

Ken picked us a bouquet of wildflowers from the rainforest, which doesn't exactly follow the "take only pictures, leave only footprints" mantra, but was very sweet nonetheless. The flowers lived on the boat for several weeks, and we even raced with them in the BVI Spring regatta!