March '03: Grenadines to Martinique

We finally left Trinidad at about 6 p.m. on March 4, several weeks later than planned. It was a tough wet ride. We sailed by Grenada in the dark, and arrived at Chatham Bay on Union Island in the Grenadines around noon. Tired, salt-covered and starting to get a sunburn, after setting the anchor, we immediately jumped into the clear blue water and had the most refreshing swim of the trip. We headed north fairly quickly, stopping in the Tobago Cays and Bequia. From Bequia, we did a long overnight sail to St. Pierre, Martinique which we liked much more the second time around - we hiked on Mount Pelee and toured a rum distillery.

Clifton, Union Island in the Grenadines. An island outpost which really feels like the "wild west" of the Caribbean.

Boat boy (of the Tobago Cays) parking lot at Clifton.

So nice to be back at the Tobago Cays!

We love the water there.

St, Pierre, Martinique with Mount Pelee in the background.

The remains of a theater that was built before the infamous 1902 volcano.

Hiking on Mount Pelee - we made one of the ridge summits.

The French had the best maintained hiking trails we've ever seen, and it was cool (actually cold, if we really remember what that feels like) on the hike.

View from Mount Pelee.

Varied terrain of Martinique.

Bill taking in the view.

Going down.

Can you find Vanish one more time?

Papillon (butterfly) garden near St. Pierre (the butterflies apparently were elsewhere but the garden was nice).

There's one, and a bird too!

Chateau Depaz on the grounds of the Depaz rum distillery near St. Pierre.

Sugar cane going to the distillery at Depaz.

Vats of rum prior to fermentation.

Generator for the crew's quarters at the Depaz - seems to work better than ours . . .

Bill caught a skipjack tuna on our way to Dominica! We grilled it when we got in to Prince Rupert's Bay.