Feb '03: More St. Lucia

After Bill's parents left, we headed up to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Upon arriving in the harbor, we were greated by two other J/46's, and a J/42. Jessica J, a British flagged J/46, thought they happened on the American J Convention when they saw all of us sail in one after another. The days went fast: exploring St. Lucia by land, getting together with the other J owners, and even taking Vanish out for a day sail.

A week later, our friends from Boston, Kyle and Julie arrived with eight days to get from St. Lucia to Grenada. We quickly provisioned, got fuel, and started on our way south with one last stop around the Pitons with before leaving St. Lucia - at least until we come back North again.

Renee and Bill in rainforest, St. Lucia.

Men of the jungle - Guide, Peter from Eight Bells, New Yorker Peter Rukeyser and Bill.

Tall tree . . .

Ahhh . . . fresh from the mountain spring.

We found the bat cave!

Holy dozing dracula, batman.


Jane's got nothing on me.

Ok, what do four live aboard J-boat owners who have crossed oceans do while they are in port? Why go out daysailing, of course! Bill, Bill West of Jessica J and Dick York from Aragorn playing with the rigging on Vanish, while Peter Willauer takes the helm.

How many J-46 owners does it take to get the mast straight?

Renee in the hole, actually the powder room at Rodney Bay Fort.

Watch out Rodney Bay!

Rodney Bay Harbor.

Admiral Rodney's Pigeon Island Fort, St. Lucia.

Walk this way, Renee.

All the way from the UK - Jean and Bill West on Jessica J.

Fishing off the lee of St. Lucia en-route to the Pitons. This will turn out to be the last time we use this rod. It mysteriously vanished the following night.

I am primitive man! I open coconut with rock!

Oh, those silly Americans - a local boy respectfully suggesting another method.

Yes, that's it mister.

Success - it's pina colada time!

Petit and Gros Piton, St. Lucia.

Kyle and Bill enjoying a pina colada at sunset.

Bye bye, sun.

Renee, Bill, Kyle and Juli enjoying a great dinner of all local St. Luican foods at Harmony Beach Restaurant under the Petit Piton.

Harmony Restaurant owner Benny with his wife and daughter join us.

A Broadway diva (and famous jingle singer) is in our midst at Harmony Beach!

She performed several tunes for us, much to the delight of Benny's daughter.

Summertime and the livin' easy . . .

Father Abraham had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham . . .

Right foot, left foot, turn around . . .