Jan '03: Antigua

After getting the windlass and the chainplates more or less in order in Simpson Bay, St. Martin, we set sail for Antigua via Nevis. Antigua is home of the famous sailmaker Graham, who reportedly makes the best awnings to protect you from the Caribbean sun. Before heading further south, we thought more sun protection was in order.

Antigua is roughly 90 miles from St. Martin, so we anchoraged off Nevis (about 50 or so miles) after the first day. Our first sail of any length out of St. Martin was tremendous! We got the 7 a.m. bridge out of the lagoon, and set out on very fast reach to Nevis. From Nevis, we had a salty, rough upwind sail to Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. We celebrated New Year's with the Brits on Antigua, and met some great new friends.

MPEG Videos: (right click to download, left click to play)
   - New Years Eve, Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbor Antigua (1.3 meg)
   - Vanish avant garde theater (3.2 meg)

Renee giving birth to Haze.

Sites in St. Martin to Nevis passage - Bill thinks Saba, Renee remembers Statia.

Auto giving us a break.

Bill playing with the camera, shooting his only model.

St. Kitts we agree.

Statia we're both confident. No fish biting, unfortunately.

The pretty, lush coast of St. Kitts.

Fast forward a day. New years eve Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbor, Antigua.

Happy 2003, Mon!

Fireworks over the harbor.

Tour group, English we think, coming through Nelson's Dockyard.

Cigale 16, looks fast, hope to see them out on the sea.

Boats in English Harbor, Antigua.

View of English and Falmouth (Falmouth to left) during hike in Middleground between the harbors.

A not so rare Antiguan goat.

Will Renee ever get enough of the goats!

Falmouth Harbor. Spot the J's, there's Vanish and the Red J/42 "Eight Bells" in the foreground, and Starlight, a J/42 on the other side of the harbor.

Excuse me, can you pass the Grey Poupon?

What a find, another J in the harbor with the nicest people on board, Peter and Carol on Eight Bells.

Eight Bells' recut awning, made by the ever famous Graham from Antigua Sails. My that looks nice!

Motor Sailor / Trawler Northstand, bound for carnival in Trinidad. Maybe we'll meet up with Richard and Marjorie there.

Anchorage at Brown's Bay in Nonsuch Bay - a wide open protected area on the windward side of Antigua. Check out the Zebra, I mean boat.

Atop Harmony Hall's Sugar Mill, Renee looks over at Vanish down below.

Lunch at Harmony Hall with Vanish in the background. Beautiful picture, but Renee was nervous I'd end up on top of the table behind us.

Another try by the waiter. Check out the new haircut Renee gave me!

Anchored off Green Island with only a reef separating us from the raging Atlantic Ocean and Africa.

Vanish in the Haze. All alone anchored in the Green Island reefs.

Graham and Rena of Antigua Sails at their loft office. They made our awning, I tried to fix their computers. If you want to work on a boat, or need anything on the island, talk to Rena.

Upstairs at Graham's loft, George sewing our awning.

Graham and George doing the fit check!

Down below, Chez Vanish. Thanks for the perfect picture Andrea!

Vanish command central.

The Galley.