Newport to Bermuda: 11/3-7/02

After seeing some very rough weather we made it! We are gearing up for our next leg leaving Tuesday 11/12, but for a quick update here are some photos taken along the way. Come back in a couple of weeks for more comentary and videos on the rough weather we endured during this difficult passage...

Bermuda bound crew dockside, before departure. Left to right: Bill, Renee, OPO sailor Bill Lowstuter, and Shadowfax racers John de Rochmont and Dave Sipes

Settling in as Newport drifts away

Renee doing some early morning fishing (brrrr, photo gives me the chills)

Our playful sea friends gave us quite a show - check out the video coming soon

The storm trisail which got us through a very stormy night unscathed.

Bill L. steering down 15-20 footers. Even after the stormy night winds and seas still raged.

Nightime right before landfall at St. Georges harbor Bermuda. All crew on deck for a jibe.

Morning after arrival, tied up at the Dinghy Club in St. Georges. Back on land, what a great feeling!

Hamilton, Bermuda. Out exploring the island.

Bermuda is a beautiful oasis.

Renee and Bill relaxing in the sun, after all it is our honeymoon!