11/12-12/5: Passage to St. Martin and Sights

Clay in tune with the boat.

Welcomed visitor a couple hundred miles offshore.

Sunset at sea. Or was it sunrise?

Final approach to St. Martin, trying to get a photo of the dolphins swiming around us.

Bill, Renee, Clay, and LeeAnn dockside and dirty at Simpson Bay Marina

What we've left behind.

Back at Bill's parents' house for Thanskgiving. Paul Kaplan giving us a half model of our boat. Thanks Paul & Gloria!

Our friend Emil and his daughter Samantha at Orient Beach in St. Martin.

Renee and Karen Lee with her brother Emil's family after a day at the beach.

View from Emil Lee's St. Martin hotel, Princess Heights, looking out at Dawn beach and St. Barts.

Renee winning a door prize at the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association fundraiser we attended with the Lee's.

Emil Lee's St. Martin hotel.

Sky and captain Mathias leaving Simpson Bay. Bye Mathias.

Vanish at Simpson Bay Marina back in cruising mode.

See 12/5/02 Update for more photos/videos.